Community Health Needs Assessment

Pratt Regional Medical Center and Pratt County Health Department are conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment Survey. By taking a few minutes to complete these questions, you will help us identify the most important health needs in our community so that we can develop goals to meet them.  This 20 question survey is for all Pratt County Residents to complete.  Paper copies are available at the Pratt County Health Department, and other locations throughout the community. Click the link below to complete the survey. 

  As part of the Affordable Care Act, non-profit hospitals are required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years. Assessing community health needs through a public survey and public health data collected by government agencies as well as developing an implementation strategy to address prioritized needs are important steps in this process. The Community Health Needs Assessment for Pratt County is conducted by Pratt Regional Medical Center and the Pratt County Health Department with oversight from the Pratt Health Coalition. 

  The ultimate goal of not-for-profit health care organizations is to improve the health of the communities they serve. One way these organizations achieve this goal is through community benefit programs and activities that promote health and healing as a response to identified community needs.  Creating healthy communities and strong local public health systems requires a high level of mutual understanding and collaboration.   To develop a truly community-driven initiative, genuine community involvement is required at every stage of the process. For the essential questions of what values and healthy characteristics to pursue and what issues are important for community health, is the wisdom that can only be generated through community dialogue.