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Dedicated to serving the needs of Pratt, Kansas,
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the panhandle of Oklahoma.

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Standards of Performance

At PRMC, our commitment to be “Simply the Best” is reflected in our attitude toward our customers and fellow employees. A positive attitude is a requirement, not a choice.

  1. Attitude is contagious; make sure yours is a positive one.
  2. Greet everyone with a smile.
  3. Welcome customers in a friendly manner while maintaining eye contact. Always introduce yourself.
  4. Show respect, courtesy, and sensitivity to everyone. Rudeness is never acceptable.
  5. We are responsible for our own attitude and morale.
  6. Show that you care, listen with your heart. Go above and beyond what is expected of you.
  7. Laughter is the best medicine. Incorporate humor to improve interaction between yourself and others.
  8. Be open to and value new views, ideas, and talents.
  9. Encourage others by using sincere compliments and praise.
  10. Apologize for problems and inconveniences.
  11. Customers are not interruptions to our work. They are the reason we are here.

Personal Appearance

First impressions are important. Take pride. WE ARE SIMPLY THE BEST.

  1. Everyone will be greeted with a warm and friendly smile.
  2. Dress appropriately and professionally by following the dress code policy. Wear the proper uniform, clothing, jewelry and perfume/scents.
  3. ID badges will be worn on the collar or at shoulder level so they are visible to everyone at all times.
  4. Good personal hygiene is expected.

Facility & Environmental Appearance

  1. Keep our facility looking appealing, both inside and out, by maintaining a clean and pleasant environment.
  2. Picking up litter and cleaning up spills are everyone’s responsibility.
  3. Return all equipment to its proper place. All equipment that must be placed in the hall should be positioned on the same side of the hall.
  4. Keep personal work areas neat and organized.
  5. Do not use stained linens, or those in need of repair, in patient care areas.

Commitment to People

People want to know that we are committed to providing “Simply the Best” health care there is to offer. We will be friendly, attentive, and considerate. These actions will show that we care.

  1. SMILE – show by your actions that our services set us apart from other hospitals.
  2. Be courteous by parking in the designated areas. This shows respect for our patients and guests.
  3. Don’t just give directions. Escort people to their destinations.
  4. Take care of people regardless of whose job it is. Make their needs your priority.
  5. Respect others by keeping noise to an appropriate level.
  6. Show people you care by going the extra mile. Give them your prompt and undivided attention.
  7. Remember that every person is an individual. Respect others’ values and beliefs, even if different from your own.
  8. Anticipate the patient’s needs before leaving the room by making sure the call light is within reach and bedside table and supplies are within reach. Before exiting the room, ask the patient if there is anything more you can do for him/her.
  9. Ensure continuity of care by reporting to relief care givers prior to providing care. Patient information boards (wipe boards) should be kept updated.
  10. Provide our patients/families with the information they need to make the most informed person health care choices.
  11. Include our patients and families in all discussions and the planning of their care.

Elevator Etiquette

Good elevator manners create a positive impression.

  1. Use the elevator as an opportunity to make a favorable impression. Smile and speak to fellow passengers.
  2. Do not discuss patients, their care, or hospital business while on the elevator.
  3. Pause briefly before boarding or exiting the elevator. Give priority to patients and guests.
  4. When using the elevator, make room for others and hold the door or “door open” button for them. Allow patients and people with disabilities to be near the elevator door.
  5. Patients being transported on the elevator have priority. Employees should wait for the next elevator.

Call Lights

Patient needs are a priority at PRMC. By answering call lights in a timely manner, customers will be assured that their needs will be met.

  1. Exceed patient/family needs by anticipating, identifying, and responding to such needs prior to call light activation.
  2. Call lights can be answered by any PRMC employee.
  3. When passing a room that has a call light on, ask the patient “How may I help you?” or “What message can I give your nurse?” Ensure the proper person receives the message prior to leaving the floor.
  4. Acknowledge call lights in a caring, courteous, and timely manner.
  5. If a patient’s caregiver is busy, the appropriate co-worker will meet the request.
  6. Before leaving the patient’s room, ensure the call light is within the patient’s reach.

Telephone Etiquette

  1. All employees must know how to operate the telephone in their area.
  2. All calls should be answered promptly and courteously.
  3. Answer all calls cheerfully, identify yourself, and ask “How may I help you?”
  4. Ask permission before placing a person on hold and periodically inform the person on the status of their call.
  5. When placing callers on “hold”, utilize the hold button feature rather than setting the phone down or holding the phone in your hand in order to protect CONFIDENTIALITY.
  6. Before transferring a call, always give the caller the extension number.
  7. Identify yourself/location when calling other departments.
  8. Dial employee’s extension. Utilize voice-mail in non-emergency situations to minimize over-head paging.
  9. Return phone calls/messages within 24 hours.
  10. Keep personal calls to a minimum.

Customer Waiting

We value our customer’s time and are committed to providing prompt service.

  1. Educate patients and families about the process to help establish positive expectations.
  2. Keep patient and family informed of possible delays and changes.
  3. Thank people for waiting and apologize for delays.
  4. Provide a comfortable atmosphere, refreshments, and reading materials for waiting families.
  5. Update family members as soon as possible and periodically while a patient is undergoing a procedure.


The purpose of communication is learning and understanding. Communicating well reflects on being “Simply the Best”. Good communication is important for patients, guests, and team members. Our statements should be given with attention, consideration, and precision. Avoid confusing and misleading words and phrases. Be careful about verbal and non-verbal messages.

  1. Mutual support is necessary between management and staff for success. The staff is expected to support management and managerial decisions and is encouraged to bring ideas and concerns to them through the proper channels. In turn, management is expected to support staff by being open to their ideas and concerns, providing feedback, and keeping lines of communication open.
  2. Good manners are required. Address people respectfully. Use “please” and “thank your”, “sir” and “ma’am”, when appropriate.
  3. Make every effort to read all hospital publications and memos to remain informed and positive about the facility and its happenings.
  4. Promote effective and constructive communication between departments and all levels of the organization.
  5. Ask questions and be informed – don’t assume.
  6. Respond to questions in a respectful manner.
  7. Keep patients/families informed in terms they can understand, throughout their stay.
  8. Refrain from using language that will be offensive to others. (Profanity, racial slurs, etc.)


Everyone can be assured that their privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All information will be held in confidence and shared only with those who are directly involved.

  1. In order to protect patient confidentiality and maintain organizational integrity, do not discuss patient care or hospital business in public areas.
  2. Medical records are to be kept confidential and secure from unauthorized access.
  3. Close the door/curtain, and politely ask visitors to leave before providing patient care.
  4. Provide a robe or second gown for the customer’s use while in the hallway. Also provide adequate cover during transportation in wheelchair or on cart by using extra blankets or sheets.
  5. Knock before entering a room and identify yourself.
  6. Telephone conversations between employees and customers should always be conducted with discretion.
  7. Ask for patient and/or family input as much as possible with issues pertaining to their care.
  8. Allow patients to make their own care choices when possible.
  9. Respect cultural differences; remember we all come from different backgrounds and experiences.

Commitment to Co-Workers

We are linked together through our commitment to customers. Our co-workers are one of most valuable assets. Teamwork is important because we work together on a daily basis. Respect, compassion, and courtesy are crucial in forming PRMC into “Simply the Best” place of employment.

  1. Be honest in all interactions with co-workers, recognizing, acknowledging, and praising their good work.
  2. Smile! Greet co-workers by name when possible.
  3. Welcome new employees. Offer assistance and set an example of the cooperation and commitment that is expected.
  4. Rudeness is never acceptable. Always be professional.
  5. Willingly assist co-workers. Teamwork is promoted throughout the organization.
  6. Be loyal to your co-workers. Don’t pass along gossip. Be discreet and cautious about what you say.
  7. Do not chastise or embarrass fellow employees in the presence of others.
  8. Actively listen when communicating with co-workers.
  9. As a team member, make a commitment to finding a solution to problems. Choose to respond rather that react to situations.

Sense of Ownership

Every employee must have a sense of ownership in Pratt Regional Medical Center. We must accept and live by the mission of the organization. We must work together to create an environment in which all employees feel respected, appreciated, and valued. PRMC is a family of many unique individuals. Each provides a base support for the direction of the organization.

  1. Take pride in yourself. Each individual is part of the team that makes PRMC “Simply the Best”.
  2. Be proud of your organization and accountable for its success.
  3. Look beyond your assigned jobs for opportunities to support the whole team.
  4. Take responsibility for yourself and conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.
  5. Promote positive attitudes about PRMC with the public in and away from the health center facility.
  6. Control operating costs by utilizing purchasing contracts/standardized supplies stocked in Materials Management.
  7. Manage your time responsibly. Perform your work in a timely manner.
  8. Report to work on time. Be prepared to work!
  9. Respect others by observing allotted meal and break times.
  10. Respect the property of others.

Safety Awareness

Safety is the responsibility of all PRMC employees to ensure an accident free environment.

  1. Strive for an error-free environment.
  2. Use personal protect equipment and practice standard precautions.
  3. Use proper lifting techniques. Utilize appropriate transfer devices.
  4. Keep equipment to one side of the hall or completely out of the hallways if possible.
  5. Do not block fire doors or exits.
  6. Verify patient’s identification prior to giving care or treatment.
  7. When administering medication, follow the five R’s: Right Person – Right Medication – Right Dosage – Right Route – Right Time.
  8. Be prepared for emergencies, know the correct actions to take, and take those actions promptly.
  9. If in doubt, ask.
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