The Pratt County Hospital was built as the result of the vision and commitment of individuals, the Pratt County Commissioners, the Pratt County Hospital Board of Trustees and physicians. The original idea for a city hospital dates back to 1930. Following World War II, building materials were almost unavailable and a significant increase in the projected costs changed the focus from a city hospital to a county hospital.


April 22, 1947—The county hospital proposition carried.
Nov. 15, 1948—Ground breaking ceremony.
Aug. 6, 1950—Pratt County Hospital was dedicated. The final cost of the 64-bed hospital was $925,000.
Sept. 11, 1950—The first patient was admitted.
1950 through 1988—Managed by Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita, KS.
1988 to Present—Managed by PRMC, Inc.