Don Peters retires from PRMC Board after 26 years

Don Peters retires from PRMC Board after 26 years

Pratt Regional Medical Center’s board of directors recently honored Don Peters for 26 years of dedicated service on the hospital board.  The board of directors presented him with a gift at the hospital's December board meeting.

“What an outstanding board member Don has been. Through the years he served as Vice Chair of the Board and Chairman of the Finance Committee.   We could always count on him at Board meetings to ask pointed questions, particularly in the area of finance. Even through tough questions, Don always brought levity and laughter.  We will certainly miss him, but understand his desire to continue with his public service as a City Commissioner” shared Susan Page, President and CEO of Pratt Regional Medical Center.

Don Peters most recently served as the vice-president of the board of directors. He has seen the medical community in Pratt County change drastically during his service on the hospital board of directors, since his first board meeting in January 1994. 

Board President, Bill Keller commented on Don’s many years of service to PRMC, “His attendance at Board meetings, committee meetings, retreats, educational opportunities, etc. was always a high priority to him.  He took the time necessary to keep himself knowledgeable about health care issues, PRMC, and the needs of our community.  During meetings, he was one of the first to ask good questions that indicated his knowledge of the subject matter and his level of concern and care for the mission of PRMC.  If he felt that corrective action needed to be taken or that something was not being done correctly, he was not afraid to express his concerns in a respectful and clear manner.  But, if the Board made a decision that differed from Don’s position, he would support the position adopted by the Board.  Don understood his duties as a Board member and his fiduciary obligations. We all congratulate Don on a long term of service to PRMC.  Our Board and PRMC will miss him, but he deserves the opportunity to now retire from those duties.” 

During his tenure on the board, Peters provided valuable guidance, enhanced by his deep connections with the community. Along with other dedicated board members, he oversaw the purchase of state-of-the-art medical equipment and supported the planning and construction of a number of building projects, including: South Central Medical Clinic, Pratt Regional Medical Complex, and the 3 years of construction, and renovation to Pratt Regional Medical Center which concluded in 2016.