Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

The Pratt Health Foundation invites you to make a special gift to the 2019 Christmas Festival of Lights (FOL) program.  This program encourages people to consider a gift to Pratt Regional Medical Center and provides an opportunity to honor or remember family members or special people in our lives.

The 2019 FOL project is bedside monitors for the PRMC Emergency Rooms where thousands of patients are treated annually.  The bedside monitor displays a patient’s vital signs.  PRMC needs three bedside monitors ($13,500 each). 

A Christmas gift of $25 to $100 per person will acknowledge your family’s support of the season, and act as a memorial or honorarium for a loved one or special person/organization in your life. 

This year donors of $100 will be recognized with a bold type listing in the ads and large gold stars on the FOL Christmas tree.  All gifts will also be recognized by the addition of another light on the Christmas tree at PRMC, located in the Complex building foyer.

Gift honorees are notified; donors receive an acknowledgment.  Memorial listings and honorees are updated on the Pratt Health Foundation page on Facebook, on the PRMC website (www.prmc.org) and in the Pratt Tribune every other Thursday beginning December 6th and ending January 3rd.  Gifts should be sent to:

Pratt Health Foundation
203 South Main
Pratt, Kansas  67124


2019 Festival of lights memorials

Regular Type – Gifts under $49; Bold Type - Gifts under $99; * denotes gifts of $100 or more

John & Delores Albers*; Earl E. & Marie L. Armstrong*; Jim Armstrong*; Dennis Bard; BSP – Master Mu dec. members; Doc & Margaret Black; Jack Black; Aloysius Bohrer; Christina Bohrer; Shirley Boots*; Don Brown; Linda Collier*; Helen & Elmer Cross; Bess Doolittle; Wallace Doolittle; Marilyn Foster*; Garden Club dec. members; Harold D. Flory*; Reginald Harrison*; Albert Heflin; Vina Heflin; Judy Heimerman; Leo & Fern House; Don Hurt; Kate Flory*; Jim & Jean Knight*; Past Lions Club Members*; Janet McEntarfer; Bud & Pauline McManaman*; David J. Meyer*; Charles & Cora Belle Novotny*; Howard P. Osner*; Norman & Happy Pearson; Raymond Rauhut*; Janet Reimer; Brette Riley*; Pratt Rotary dec. members*; Marilyn Sewell; Jud & Bobbe Stanion*; Nila Swayze*; Edwin Tatro; Jr. Voss; Jim & Ila Whitaker; Jo Ann Whitaker; Meredith Whitaker

2019 Festival of Lights Honorariums

Regular Type – Gifts under $49; Bold Type - Gifts under $99; * denotes gifts of $100 or more

Bret & Sherry Armstrong; Jeremy Demuth*; Wilfred Loibl*;PRMC Staff*; Pratt Rotary Club*; Dr. Daniel J. Suiter*; Jack Whitaker