Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

The Pratt Health Foundation invites you to make a special gift to the 2018 Christmas Festival of Lights (FOL) program.  This program encourages people to consider a gift to Pratt Regional Medical Center and provides an opportunity to honor or remember family members or special people in our lives.

This year gifts will provide funds to purchase Bariatric Carts designed to transport patients weighing up to 700 lbs.  Due to the increasing sizes of patients, PRMC needs transportation carts designed for the safety of patients and employees alike. A total of $24,000 is needed to purchase six Bariatric Carts.  Your gift/s will help PRMC continue to provide “Simply the Best” medical care for south-central Kansas families.      

A Christmas gift of $25 to $100 per person will acknowledge your family’s support of the season, and act as a memorial or honorarium for a loved one or special person/organization in your life. 

This year donors of $100 will be recognized with a bold type listing in the ads and large gold stars on the FOL Christmas tree.  All gifts will also be recognized by the addition of another light on the Christmas tree at PRMC.

Gift honorees are notified; donors receive an acknowledgment.  Memorial listings and honorees are updated on the Pratt Health Foundation page on Facebook, on the PRMC website (www.prmc.org) and in the Pratt Tribune every other Thursday beginning December 6th and ending January 3rd.  Gifts should be sent to:

Pratt Health Foundation

203 South Main

Pratt, Kansas  67124

2018 Festival of Lights Memorials

* denotes gifts of $100 or more

Fred Albers; Larry Albers; Earl E. & Marie L. Armstrong*; Jim Armstrong; Pat Bahe; H. L. Bob & Dr. Julia Barbee*; Donal & Patsy Blankenship*; Richard & Lorraine Blasi*; Aloysious Bohrer; BSP Master Mu Chapter dec. members; Aloysious Bohrer; Harold & Ruth Brehm; Don Brown; Donna Brown; Larry Brownell*; Arthena Brubaker*; Bob Burton; Willard H. & Beth Cary; Wesley Christopher; Leora Cochran*; Dean Coulter; Ivan & Lois Crandall; George Troy (G.T.) Crockett*; Dave & Lillian Colyn*; Elmer & Helen Cross*; Marge Doan; Bess & Wallace Doolittle; Carl Eddingfield*; Howard & Eva Ellis; Lorena Epley*; Charles Eubank*; Elmer & Alice Ferguson; Herman & Barbara Fischer; Harold D. Flory*; Kate Flory*; McKenzie Grace Galle*; Katherine Detwiler Garrison; Jack Gatz; Conard Gilham*; John C. Gimpel; Rudy & Rita Goertz; Reginald D. Harrison*; Orval & Florine Hartsell; Julie Hassig; Ulene Havens*; Don & Dollie Hayes*; Buck Heflin; Vina Heflin; Florence Helsel; Laurence Helsel; Richard Hitz; Charleen Henderson; Katie Hoover*; Kevin Huffman; Don Hurt; Annette Jay; Howard & Norma Jones*; Caroline Jorns; Tom Karle; Jess Kennedy*; Merle Kennedy; Eleanor Kerr; Fred H. Kerr; John & Lenora Kerr*; Don Kerstetter; Gelene Kirkman; Wilda C. Kizzire; Jean Knight*; Bill Knop; George Knop; Leo & Mildred Knop; Larry J. Krehbiel*; Carl Levens*; Clella Levens*; Dow Levens*; Jennie Levens*; Jenna Crockett Lindsten*; Phyllis Long; Elmer McDermeit; James & Dorothy McDiffet; Janet McEntarfer; Archie McKissick*; Bob & Faye McMannis*; Ramona Mena*; Sal Nardozzi; Blossom Newell; Charles & Cora Belle Novotny*; Vale & Patricia Page*; Leona “Blondie” Panek*; Dale Parsons*; June Patton*; Margaret Patton*; Weymeth Patton*; Rev. & Mrs. Norman Pearson; Carl Piester; Walter & Beulah Proctor; Pratt Garden Club dec. members; Lawrence & Thelma Pugh; Rev. Lowell & Ruth Rasmussen*; Wayne E. Rasmussen*; Raymond A. Rauhut; Marsha Reimer; Frank & Katherine Rinkel; Milton Roberts; Dan Schrepel*;  Richard & Melba Scott*; Bob Sears*; Marilyn Sewell; Jay Sherman; Dale Shinkle; Kevin Shinkle; Jim Siemens*; LG & Elsie Simon; Eva A. Smith*; Mary Alice Smith; Bobbe Stanion*; Jud Stanion*; Barbara Steffen; Mona V. Steffen*;Jacob P. & Hilma M. Stofer; Arlie Stonestreet; Delores Stroda; Gene Studer*; Jennie Studer*; William Studer*; Nila Swayze*; Richard J. Tatro*; Don Trinkle; Roy & Lillie Trinkle; Bob Tritsch; Mark Weber; Robert Weber; Jim & Ila Whitaker; Jo Ann Whitaker; Meredith Whitaker; Al & Elva Williams; Arlene Withers*; Vernon Wulff

2018 Honorariums

 * denotes gifts of $100 or more

 Dick & Connie Adelhardt*; Charles & Mary Kay Arensdorf; Nancy Bailey; Sam & Jean Bailey; Kelli R. Barker*; David & Glenna Borho*; Central States Recovery*; Larry & Linda Conkle; Mark & Audrey Dirks*; Norman & Verneene Forssberg; Jack & Belinda Galle*; Lloyd & Emily Gallimore; Dr. Steve & Beverly Garten*; Janet Graven*; Haviland State Bank*; Paul & Calora Hayse*; Suzanne Himmelwright*; Herb & Sammye Hoss*; Robert Householter; John & Lana Janssen*; Dr. & Mrs. W. H. Jennings*; Lois Kennedy; Ramona Jean Kile; Glenn & Sue Leppert*; Wilfred Loibl*; Milt & Madeline Martin*; Maydew Thibault Optometry*; Mary Jo McCoy*; Mr. & Mrs. Willard Meireis*; Jack & Jane Meyers; Kenneth L. Meyers*; Glenn & Lorena Miracle; Richard & Angela Molitor; Bob & Janis Moore; Susan Page*; Joan Perez; Marvin & Eunice Proctor; Pratt Pharmacy, Inc.*; PRMC EMPLOYEES*; PRMC Volunteer Services*; Pratt Rotary Club*; Vincent & Angelina Pribil*; Jean Ranabargar; Virgil & Millie Rush*; Ed & Mary Schmidtberger Families*; Tom & Donna Stejskal; Dale & Shirley Stevenson; Dean & Jean Stucky; Gordon & Carol Stull*; Carl & Donna Swisher*; Hannah Thimesch*; Todd & Angie Tobin*; Dorothy Trinkle; Stephen & Amanda Vandervoort; Jack Whitaker