Hugs® Wi-Fi Infant Protection Solution

Hugs® Wi-Fi Infant Protection Solution

Pratt Regional Medical Center has added a new layer of security in the Family Birth Suites to help ensure the safety of its youngest patients. The hospital recently installed the Hugs® Wi-Fi Infant Protection solution from STANLEY Healthcare to safeguard its infants and children from the threat of abduction ad mother/infant mismatches.

Hugs protects 2 million newborns each year across more than 1600 hospitals worldwide. It uses a tiny, wireless Hugs tag attached to the infant’s ankle with a soft band to provide individual protection to each infant. Leveraging the Wi-Fi network, the Hugs solution extends security for infants to every corner of the hospital with multiple layers of protection:

• Tamper detection: The Hugs tag features a tamper detection mechanism, and will send an alarm message if the band securing the tag to the infant is cut or detached.

• Exit protection: Exits, including elevators, are monitored by Exit Controllers. If an infant is brought near to an open exit, an alarm occurs.

•  Continual supervision: The solution monitors each Hugs tag, and will generate an alarm if no messages have been received from the tag for a certain period.

• Out of Unit alert: The solution can generate an alert if an infant is detected outside the Obstetrics Unit, but there is no record of a staff member performing a Transport.

PRMC has also implemented the Kisses® component of the Hugs solution to provide automatic mother/infant matching notification. Each mother is given a small Kisses tag that is bonded with her infant’s Hugs tag at birth. From that point forward, the tags remain bonded throughout their stay in the hospital. Nurses are immediately alerted of a mismatch with an audible indicator.