Pratt County Needs a Mask Mandate

Pratt County Needs a Mask Mandate

We need to protect Pratt now. The Physicians of Pratt Kansas are requesting that masks be worn by all individuals over the age of 5 when out in public or when physical distancing is not possible.

We understand that there are strong opinions regarding such a “mandate”. We understand that masks are uncomfortable and hot. (We wear them all day every day) We also understand the science that wearing masks in public has been shown to be a very effective strategy to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Currently we have 23 positive COVID-19 cases with 11 of those documented as active in our County. It would not be wise to wait until we have an outbreak to enact these necessary community-wide changes.

We know there are schoolteachers and administrators who are struggling with how keep our children and families safe but are meeting strong resistance to masks from both students and parents.  We know there are business owners who would prefer such a mandate but will not act alone because they do not want to turn away or offend patrons. We understand there are pastors who recognize the importance of masks for their congregation but would never confront an unmasked worshiper.  A mask mandate works and will take the pressure off these critical organizations.

We must do everything we can to prevent this from taking off in Pratt. Our state health official Dr. Lee Norman said in a recent news conference that it could take two incubation cycles - or 28 days - to see the effect of universal masking. If we hope to see our schools open and operating in August… We need to protect Pratt now.  If you want our restaurants to stay open… We need to protect Pratt now.  If you want our stores and small business to continue to serve our region… We need to protect Pratt now. If you want Pratt Regional Medical Center to continue to operate as usual with full surgical, lab, clinical, and diagnostic services… We need to protect Pratt now.


We request all Pratt County residents listen to the physicians of their community and protect Pratt now.


Gene Cannata MD

Eric Clarkson DO, MBA

Steven Donnenwerth MD

Wakon Fowler MD

Scott Gordon DPM

Mark Green PhD

Robert Harris MD

Rachael Hauser MD

Ian Kovach MD, PhD

Alex Neel MD

Alan Pribil MD

Brenda Westhoff MD

Aaron Zook MD