PRMC adds jobs and saves money with new department!

PRMC adds jobs and saves money with new department!

Pratt Regional Medical Center kicked off 2020 operating its own facility-wide laundry service in Pratt with anticipated cost and efficiency savings, as opposed to shipping tons of laundry across the state as has been done in the past. “Not only will operating our own laundry services improve timeliness and quality, we have created two new full-time jobs for our community,” PRMC Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Alan Waites said. “We also see keeping PRMC expense dollars local as a big plus.”

PRMC purchased the former laundromat building at 820 West First Street last year.  The new department for Pratt Regional Medical Center is now in full operation with expectations of laundering an estimated 164,000-plus pounds of bedsheets, towels and other items with ability to meet strict state regulations concerning water temperature and sanitation practices relating to infection control.

PRMC Director of Quality and Infection Control Paul Carrington said one of the updates with the in-house laundering practice includes use of ozone which allows for shorter laundering time and provides better sanitation.  “This allows staff to finish a wash cycle of laundry in 35 minutes, with drying at 15-20 minutes,” Carrington said.

“When we sent our laundry to Junction City, we often got back linens that had names of other hospitals on their labels,” said Andie Dean, PRMC Community Relations Manager.  “Now, besides saving money, we know our own items are being returned.” 

Plans are underway for a community open house at the laundry facility, details will be released soon.