We are on high alert for illness!

We are on high alert for illness!

Several respiratory illnesses are active in our community right now, making identification and treatment a significant challenge. This year influenza seems to be causing a little more havoc than in the past couple of years. We are seeing significant, sustained community transmission of influenza A (H3N2 strain). (About 50% of respiratory illness in our community right now.)

COVID is still very active, with the Omicron variant estimated to be over 40% of Kansas cases. (About 35% of respiratory illness in our community right now.)

We have also seen very dry and dusty conditions. This can enhance the spread of respiratory infections and increase allergy symptoms. 

How do I know what I have?

1.       We tend to want our illness to be allergies. Unless you have a significant history of allergies and take medications regularly for allergies, your new runny nose, cough, and headache are more likely an illness.

2.       Influenza and COVID share most of the early symptoms, and COVID has been shown to be lethal in people who would be at very low risk for problems with flu. If you are unvaccinated and start having symptoms of flu or COVID, testing and treatment may save your life. The best time to treat COVID is in the first five days after symptoms start. Please communicate with your doctor and ask if treatment is right for you.

3.       We care about you and work tirelessly to be there when you need us. Help your community and us.

  • If you are sick, try to keep from spreading it to others.
  • If you get sick, communicate early with your doctor and take their advice.
  • If you are willing and able to get vaccinated for flu and COVID, do so. It lowers your risk of hospitalization with COVID or Flu by 95%.

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