Visionary members of the Pratt community formed the Pratt Health Foundation (PHF) in 1990 to facilitate the provision of current and future medical care. The mission of the Foundation is “. . . to promote health and raise funds for Pratt Regional Medical Center.” The PHF Board supervises the investment of contributions and the allocation of funds for approved purposes.

Typically, the life span of technical medical equipment is three to five years, so keeping up with the advances in medical equipment is a challenge financially. A majority of the donations to the Pratt Health Foundation are used to fund investments in medical equipment.  The Foundation encourages individuals and families to consider a bequest gift through a will or estate.  These bequest gifts are used to purchase medical equipment for PRMC.  No-cost, no-obligation consulting services are offered to individuals who need assistance in the formulation of their will or estate plan. For additional information, please contact PHF Executive Director, DeWayne Bryan, at (620) 672-6411.

Another way you can give to the Foundation is the 2022 Festival of Lights Fundraiser happening now! For many, it is an opportunity to give and honor the efforts and/or memories of loved ones and friends.

The 2022 FOL gifts will be used for the "Safe & Warm" project. The PRMC labor & delivery department delivers over 220 babies annually.  Medical equipment is needed to care for hemorrhaging mothers, treating jaundice and maintaining a warm environment for newborns. The medical equipment for the Safe&Warm project costs $36,000.

For more information you can click on the link or find us on our Facebook Page.

If you'd like to make a secure financial contribution to the Pratt Health Foundation, please click on the link below. We appreciate your contributions.

 2022 Festival of Lights
The Pratt Health Foundation is thankful for the generosity of its donors. Proceeds will provide needed equipment for PRMC’s Birthing Suites which will keep mothers and babies “Safe and Warm”.


Alejandro; Earl E. & Marie L. Armstrong*; Jim Armstrong; Pat Bahe*; Justin C. Bailey; Sam Bailey; Carter Barker*; Ed & Inez Bitter; Donal & Patsy Blankenship*; Gary Blasi; Lorraine Blasi; Richard Blasi; Kim Gray Bloom; Ollie & Chris Bohrer; Willard H. & Beth Cary; Leora Cochran*;Dave & Lillian Colyn*; Helen & Elmer Cross; Troy Derley; Bob Doolittle; Wallace & Bess Doolittle; Elmer & Alice Ferguson; Greg Fields*; Kate Fields*; Bernadine & Emery Flaherty; Jim Flaherty; Harold D. Flory*; Kate Flory*; McKenzie Galle*; John C. Gimpel; Jodie Goering; Richard Gunter; Dave & Cathy Hamilton; Eddie E. Harrison*; Reginald Harrison*; Orval & Florine Hartsell; Julie Hassig; Ulene Havens; Don & Dollie Hayes; Betty Heape*; Charleen Henderson; Elmer ‘Pete’ Henderson; Jason Henderson; Gene & Angela Hirsh*; Richard Hitz*; Katie Hoover*; Leo & Fern House; Annette Jay; Doris Jay; Roy Jay; K C Jorns; Jess R. Kennedy*; Lois Kennedy; Merle Kennedy; Georgia KingJim & Jean Knight; Dennis W. Kramer; Jerry Larrison; Carl Levens; Clella Levens; Dow Levens;Jennie Levens; Frankie N. Long; Frederick S. (Ted) Loomis*; Elmer McDermeit; Janet McEntarfer; Basil & Pauline McManaman; Avis Mardis; Jack & Virginia Martin; Eldon L. Meigs; Willard & Maxine Melroy; David Meyer*; Gene Neelly; Charles & Cora Belle Novotny; Dale Parsons*; Norman & Happy Pearson; Carl Piester; Beulah Proctor; Walter Proctor; Lawrence & Thelma Pugh; Rev. Lowell & Ruth Rasmussen*; Verlene Rasmussen*; Wayne Rasmussen*; Raymond Rauhut; Marsha Reimer; Willa Rexroad; Brette Riley*; Frank Rinkel, Katherine Rinkel; Milt & Bette Jo Roberts*; Richard Rohling; Schmisseur & Dreitz dec. family members*; Carolyn Schoen; Richard & Melba Scott*; Bob Sears*; Marilyn Sewell; Abe & Vanetta Siemens*; Jim Siemens*; Clyde Simmons; L.G. & Elsie Simon; Peggy J. Smith; Jud & Bobbe Stanion; Al Joe Sterneker; Jacob P. & Hilma M. Stofer; Bill Studer;Gene Studer; Jennie Studer; Velma Thomas Simmons; Vernon Thomas; Don Trinkle*; Roy & Lillie Trinkle; Bob Tritsch; Orville & Marjorie Watson*; Mark Weber; Robert & Betty Weber; Rochelle Westerhaus; Jo Ann Whitaker; Meredith Whitaker; Jim & Ila Whitaker; Al & Elva Williams;Al & Betty Wright; Isabella Zeelie


2022 Festival of Lights – Honorariums

The Pratt Health Foundation is thankful for the generosity of its donors. Proceeds will provide needed equipment for PRMC’s Birthing Suites.

Bret Armstrong; Jean Bailey; Rick & Nancy Bigham; A.C. & Nancy Boland*; Carolyn Bontrager; David & Glenna Borho*; Gerald & Kay Jean Bowman; Dr. Gene Cannata; Lawrence & Trevlyn Detmer; Mark & Audrey Dirks; Wayne & Judith Doyle; ESA Gamma Beta #4434; Steve & Bev Garten*; Scott Goodheart Family; J. W. Griffith; Mark Hamm; Al & Marilyn Herren; Robert Householter; Ron & Di Ingram*; Melvin & JoAnn Jantz*; Greg & Andrea Johnsrud*;Barbara J. Krehbiel; Legacy Bank*; Terry & Wanda Litwiller; Mary Jo McCoy*; U. R. & Dovie Martin*; Maydew Thibault Optometry*; Carra Mayberry; Raymond & Diane McIntosh; Warren & Adonis Meireis*; Jane Meyers; Don & Reva Nighswonger; Susan Page*; Brian Poland; Pratt Feeders, LLC*; Pratt Garden Club; Pratt Rotary Club*;PRMC Exec Staff*; PRMC Volunteers*; Norval & Beverly Ralstin; Jerry & Jeanette Siemens*; SCCF*; O.L. & Shirley Stalcup*; Stanion Wholesale Electric Co.; Marilyn Stewart*; Ruby Strong; Brad Tatro*; Hannah Thimesch;Dr. Cullen Thomas; Dorothy Trinkle; Alan & LaDonna Waites*; Jack Whitaker; Darrell & Natalie Wood*