Visionary members of the Pratt community formed the Pratt Health Foundation (PHF) in 1990 to facilitate the provision of current and future medical care. The mission of the Foundation is “. . . to promote health and raise funds for Pratt Regional Medical Center.” The PHF Board supervises the investment of contributions and the allocation of funds for approved purposes.

Typically, the life span of technical medical equipment is three to five years, so keeping up with the advances in medical equipment is a challenge financially. A majority of the donations to the Pratt Health Foundation are used to fund investments in medical equipment.  The Foundation encourages individuals and families to consider a bequest gift through a will or estate.  These bequest gifts are used to purchase medical equipment for PRMC.  No-cost, no-obligation consulting services are offered to individuals who need assistance in the formulation of their will or estate plan. For additional information, please contact PHF Executive Director, DeWayne Bryan, at (620) 672-6411.

Another way you can give to the Foundation is the 2022 Festival of Lights Fundraiser happening now! For many, it is an opportunity to give and honor the efforts and/or memories of loved ones and friends.

The 2022 FOL gifts will be used for the "Safe & Warm" project. The PRMC labor & delivery department delivers over 220 babies annually.  Medical equipment is needed to care for hemorrhaging mothers, treating jaundice and maintaining a warm environment for newborns. The medical equipment for the Safe&Warm project costs $36,000.

For more information you can click on the link or find us on our Facebook Page.