Dietary Services

Helping people make healthy lifestyle choices is what Pratt Regional Medical Center’s dietitian Stephanie Becker, RD, LD does every day. As a registered and licensed dietitian, Becker works with people inside and outside of PRMC. “I’m willing to speak to groups, businesses and organizations about how to make healthy choices,” Becker said.

While out and about in the community, Becker has learned that many people have turned to the internet for advice on health. “The internet has a lot of information, but not all of it is reliable,” she explained. “There is no such thing as a quick fix to losing weight, but if people would make healthy choices at least 90% of the time, they could really savor the foods they treat themselves to periodically that are not as healthy. If you celebrate your birthday every day, it’s not as special as that one time celebration. “

If you belong to a group, club or organization and would be interested in learning about making health lifestyle choices, please contact Stephanie Becker at (620) 450-1425.