Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

The PRMC Intensive Care Unit is a self-sufficient area reserved for patients needing high intensity nursing care under controlled monitoring systems. This intensive nursing care is provided to medical, surgical or coronary patients of all ages. The ICU is staffed with highly trained personnel who provide continuous 24-hour nursing care. Each of the six individual units has the latest in specialized equipment and is designed so nurses at the central nursing station can observe the patients while monitoring their condition. The monitor above the patient's bed and at the nursing station continuously records the heart rhythms of the patient. This early warning system enables the staff to respond at once to any subtle changes or complications that may arise.


Visitors are very important to Intensive Care Unit patients; however, due to the patient's condition, visitors and length of visits are limited. The immediate family may visit soon after the patient's admission. Visits should be kept short, not lasting more than 15 minutes. Clergymen, legal guardians, or those with power of attorney may visit the unit after obtaining permission from the nurse. Only one or two visitors are allowed in the room at one time.

Before entering the Intensive Care Unit, all visitors must stop in the waiting room and call the nursing station. Dial 1325 to obtain permission.

We suggest visitors avoid coming between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. as this is when physicians are making rounds and nurses are giving baths. During this time period, it is possible that a visiting request will be denied.

Waiting rooms are provided for your convenience between visits, however, if the patient’s condition has stabilized, we encourage you to go home and rest. If you leave us a phone number where you can be contacted, we will notify you of any significant changes in the patient’s condition, day or night. You may also call the ICU at any time to check on the condition of a patient, (620) 450-1325.

If at any time to you wish to visit with the patient’s physician, please inform a nurse and the physician will be notified. Members of our Pastoral Care Department are also available and willing to visit with you at any time. Or, if you wish, we will call your own minister.

We ask that you not send flowers or plants to the patients until they are transferred from the ICU. If you wish to bring food with you on a visit, please check with the nurse beforehand.

Accelerated Care Unit

Patients in the Accelerated Care Unit do not have the severity of illness requiring intensive care but require more hours of nursing care than normally provided on a medical or surgical unit. These patients are assigned beds in the Intensive Care Unit and are cared for by ICU staff.