Speech-Language Pathlogy

Improving Communication and Swallowing Skills.

The Speech-Language Pathology Department helps residents of South Central Kansas to communicate effectively and regain independent living skills. The PRMC Speech-Language Pathology Department is one part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Patients Seen

  • Newborns to adults
  • Inpatient, outpatient or home health
  • Self-referrals
  • Physician referrals

SLP Qualifications

  • Masters Degree
  • Certification of Clinical Competence issued by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association
  • Licensed to practice in the State of Kansas


  • Aphasia Evaluation/Therapy
  • Cognitive Evaluation/Therapy
  • Dysarthria Evaluation/Therapy
  • Swallowing Evaluation/Therapy
  • Articulation Therapy
  • Fluency Training
  • Phonological Assessment/Therapy
  • Assistive and Augmentative Communication Devices
  • Voice Therapy
  • Modified Barium Swallow

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call (620) 450-1442 or 1-888-900-PRMC (7762).